Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Written by Jodee McCabe    
Tuesday, 29 July 2008 19:00

It has been a little over a week since Dan started his oral chemotherapy.  We are still in NY, undecided yet about when we are returning and hoping we can hold out until next Wed. Dan has an appt. with his oncologist for next Tues., but the doc told us we could change it to later if he was doing ok, so we might move it back to a week from Friday. The side effects began just about at week one with mouth sores.  From what we have read, this is one of the most common side effect.  Then there have been some gastrointestinal issues (no need for details) but not too bad yet.   

Soon, he will be finished with his anti-seizure med.  We are hoping that when that is finished that some of the fatigue will diminish.   We are so grateful that we were able to be here in time to see my our extended family for even a little of their time at Camp-of-the-Woods!  That was a real gift. We even got to be at my great nephew's birthday party celebrated in the TeePee!  Then this week we got to share our cabin with our daughter, Meg, and a friend, and Dan's sister, Jane. During this time, we have been reading things by John Piper and Dan Cummings....all which point us again and again to God's sovereignty and love. I highly recommend reading both of these. 

1)  Dan Cummings writes a blog called,   "The Shadowlands".  The author is a 48 yr. old pastor in Michigan who was recently diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.  The blog is set up primarily as letters to his children and prayers, but there are a couple other formats mixed in.  If you go, take some tissues along.

He has undergone radiation and chemo and will have surgery tomorrow.  If you think of it, lift him up in prayer, esp. tonight and tomorrow.

2) The second recommendation is an article called, "Don't Waste Your Cancer", by John Piper.

All of this has been our aim from the outset, but day to day there are so many things to distract and discourage, having things like this to read helps us to refocus our eyes on Jesus, over and above the cancer.   

The mist is still on the lake this morning...one of my favorite scenes here in NY.  We are so grateful to be able to be here!

Here is a thought for today, taken from Dan Cummings' blog:  

(A Hymn From an Olde Pilgrim)
Why should I fear the darkest hour,
Or tremble at the tempter’s power?
Jesus, vouchsafes to be my tower.Though hot the fight, why quit the field
Why must I either flee or yield,
Since Jesus is my mighty shield?Though all the flocks and herds were dead,
My soul a famine need not dread,
For Jesus is my living bread.I know not what may soon betide,
Or how my wants shall be supplied;
But Jesus knows, and will provide.Though sin would fill me with distress,
The throne of grace I dare address,
For Jesus is my righteousness.Though faint my prayers and cold my love,
My steadfast hope shall not remove,
While Jesus intercedes above.Against me earth and hell combine,
But on my side is power Divine;
Jesus is all, and He is mine. AMEN.

With love and gratitude to each of you

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Written by Jodee McCabe    
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 19:00

We did take that quick trip to NY and it was worth all the driving.  

We had heavy traffic both ways with heavy rain on Thurs. but good weather coming home. We were enveloped in love by our church family, our neighbors and the Camp-of the-Woods family.  We packed in enough social outings to last a couple weeks and had glorious weather.....a true gift from God.  We got to hear the fabulous Patriotic Concert at camp and watch the fireworks from the lake.  We were prayed for many, many times and encouraged to SEE and HEAR how we are being lifted in prayer.  Wow!  
We remember that all of you are also praying continually and earnestly for us.  If there is any way that healing Dan could fit into God's will, I'm certain He will answer those prayers.  If not, then I'm confident that He will be with us each step and provide what we need.

We arrived home safely Monday night and Tues, we met with the neurosurgeon who helped plan and set up the stereo-tactic radiographic surgery.  It was more or less a formality since his contribution was finished but he said he thought we  "deserved a face to put to the bill".  It was helpful to us to hear his "take" on the whole procedure.  He did tell us that the 3rd lesion was clearer on the latest MRI and that they were going to treat that as well.  That was a relief to Dan b/c before we were told they were not certain the other spot was a lesion and they would only be doing two.  Now, at least, they would be treating all that is currently seen.

We had quite a wait till the actual procedure later in the afternoon so we went out to lunch and killed time doing Sudoku puzzles.  When Dan was finally called it was about 45 minutes past his scheduled time.  They came and got us and I got to see the room and his mask.  I could have watched on TV but there really wasn't much to watch other than them positioning the table each time they moved to a new lesion.

I waited in the waiting room watching everyone pack up and leave for the day.  I was not anxious.....I don't think Dan was either.....and I believe it was because all of you have faithfully been praying for us.  The whole thing lasted about an hour.  When he came out, he was walking and talking (good signs) and carrying his mask.  They just throw them away and the neurosurgeon suggested our keeping it.  If we need to do this again, we are saving time, money and also accuracy.   Some might feel that is betting on the negative but I like the comparison of never needing an umbrella when you have it.

There are absolutely NO side effects at this moment.  We left the treatment place and went to our friends' home for dinner!  There ARE possible side effects much later.  I guess swelling can occur even a month later.  That is why he is on the anti-seizure meds.  But we are resting in God's providence and all the prayers that are holding us up.  In two months Dan will have another MRI to check on the effectiveness.

Now we move on to the next step.  This morning we need to decide if we are going to Zion, IL to the CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of 
America).   We are praying and Dan will decide this morning, I guess.  Neither one of us really knows what it would entail.  We have been asking God to open doors we are to walk through and close those we are NOT supposed to go through and so far this one is still open.  KEEP PRAYING.

We cannot adequately express our deep gratitude for all of your emails, cards, phone calls, visits and prayers.  We have never felt so loved.  Some of you have known us for many, many years.  Others of you have never even met us, but have heard about us from family or mutual friends and have committed to praying for us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I'll (jodee) let you know what the next step is later.....when we know.