Friday, May 18, 2012


Dear Friends and Family,

Tuesday Dan had his follow up MRI to check on the effectiveness of the stereotactic radiographic surgery he had on his brain in February.  Although the procedure was completed in less than an hour, it takes several weeks for the full effect to be evident so they wait for 3 months to verify with an MRI.  

They were very pleased with the results;  the former tumors are essentially gone.  BUT they found two new tumors.  Thankfully, these are also very small and b/c there are only two, the same stereotactic radiographic surgical procedure can be used.  (That mask we saved from the first procedure is sure getting used a lot!  This will be his fourth!)  We ask how many times he could safely have this procedure done and they explained that that wasn't the criterion for eligibility.  What determines his eligibility is the size of the tumors and the quantity at one time.  If they are too large or too numerous, this procedure would not be appropriate and the only thing left would be whole-head radiation which often has very negative side effects and can only be done once.  So  you can see why we are very grateful for this procedure!  Originally they scheduled this next procedure for May 25th but yesterday, they called to tell us there was an opening today, so we moved it up.  He will have this new stereotactic radiographic surgery at 1 p.m. at Precision Radio Therapy in West Chester.

Dan has been on the new chemo for seven weeks.  We are happy to report that there are no evident side effects as of yet except for possibly a slight rise in blood pressure.  That is a known side effect of this drug so we are watching that closely and if it stays elevated or increases, he will need to take medication for the blood pressure as well.  He feels great and looks great and we are very grateful for that!  We are hoping that these new tumors are still a result of his being off of any treatment for a year, realizing that it takes a while for any chemo to get ahead of the cancer.

His next set of scans (CT and bone) are scheduled for mid June so we will then see what is going on in the rest of his body.  Hopefully, that will be a non-event.

This Sunday we "celebrate" our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Well, celebrate might be an overstatement :-)  We don't have any special plans.  We might make it to The Cheesecake Factory for their fabulous strawberry shortcake....... May never seems to be a good time for a big celebration, but we are hoping to take a special trip somewhere later this year to mark the occasion.  It is truly amazing to both of us that we have been married that long…it seems impossible!  And, of course, 4 years ago, it really did look impossible.  But our God is THE GOD of the impossible.   Once again, we are reminded to be grateful for each new day (yes…we STILL need to be reminded, but maybe not quite as often).

We have gotten to share in a couple of big days in the lives of our grandchildren recently and we are very grateful for that.

Morgan with her mom and dad after her confirmation in April

Emma at the dress rehearsal for her First Communion

So….we still covet your prayers….for continued growth in faith, for peace and joy in the midst of the storm and for faithfulness to our many friends who are also going through tough trials.  Love, Jodee and Dan