Thursday, May 16, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,

They say "no news is good news", right?  If that, then, does it mean that news, in general, is bad news?  ….Well, if so, it kinda fits todays post.  We haven't had to post anything lately b/c there hasn't been much to tell.  In our circumstances that is a good thing, really.  But over the last few weeks, the pain in Dan's upper back has been increasing.  We were concerned early this winter when he began having pain there, but they checked that out with a bone scan a bit more than a month ago and there did not appear to be any change in the area on his 10th rib on his right side where the one new lesion was found about 16 months ago… we were relieved.  It appeared as if the current chemo was keeping the cancer in check, at least in most of his body except for his brain. The small tumors that popped up there, were being successfully managed with precision radiation.  We went ahead and scheduled physical therapy to strengthen his abdominal and back muscles, hoping to add more stability to reduce the discomfort in his lower back and we think we are seeing some minor improvement there.  But the upper back on his right side continued to be quite uncomfortable and increasingly so.  Anyway, the CT scan done yesterday showed that lesion has grown by about a half inch in one direction and a quarter inch in another.  

We are disappointed…this is hard news.  But not really a surprise.  It is the first thought that comes to mind when one is dealing with cancer and new pain emerges or increases...…whether you are the cancer patient or the loved one… is a reality you live with from day to day.  

We have been so fortunate for such a long time that we were getting very comfortable and maybe leaning a bit too much on our own strength.  

I wasn't here when the doctor called so I did not get a chance to ask questions, but Dan tells me that he is to stop taking his current chemo and he will begin taking a new drug.  I think the new drug is one that he will be taking orally as well.


In the midst of all of this, I was able to take a long-scheduled trip to Chicago with Megan (pictures at the bottom) and a week later, Dan and I were still able to get out to NY to open the cabin for the summer; to see some of our NY friends and for me to be able to attend the Ladies' Retreat from our NY church.  The theme was "God's Lavish Grace".  It was a great encouragement....really good timing :-)  His timing is always good.

We are very mindful of the tremendous support we have been given by each of you….your prayers and encouragement have sustained us through many ups and downs.  And here we are again;  asking for more prayer!  Prayer for wisdom for new treatment.  Prayer for treatment that is effective and that won't have too many adverse side effects.  Prayer for continued and even increased faith in God's purposes and plans for us.  Prayer that even as we ask these things, that our deepest desires will be molded and shaped by His will for us ……and prayers for His "peace that passes understanding".  

Thank you….each of you, for taking this journey with us.  Each step has been a challenge and an adventure.  We are so glad and so grateful to have you with us!!      Love,  Jodee and Dan

The spring flowers were amazing beautiful...just had to take a few photos!

We even managed to get a little shopping done.

It took a long time, but I finally got my "little girl" to The American Girl Store!  :-)

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Cheesecake Factory which was part of Megan's gift to me...she was even willing to share Strawberry Shortcake with me!

Chicago was living up to its nickname of "The Windy City"  It was 10 degrees colder on Navy Piet than it was on Michigan Ave.

Love this city!

We were fascinated by "The Bean" Sculpture in Millennial Park.

Buckingham Fountain, my all time favorite place in Chicago!

And a little dose of nostalgia....Miller's Pub was the site of
my first date with Dan.....amazing that it is still in business after 43 years!

It was a great trip and a wonderful gift!  Thank you, Meg!!