Thursday, August 28, 2008


Written by Jodee McCabe    
Thursday, 28 August 2008 19:00

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!  We are home from most of the appointments and the news is good!  Originally, Dan was to have his MRI, then see the neurosurgeon immediately following and then go right to the oncologist.  It was set up that way so that we could get the explanation from the neurosurgeon and then take the report with us to the oncologist to plan the next round of chemo.  Yesterday, when we got home from Columbus, we received a phone call from the neurosurgeon's office saying that he had an emergency surgery scheduled for this morning and he would have to postpone our meeting until Tues. afternoon.  We were upset b/c we thought that might delay everything.  But we talked with the oncology nurse and she arranged to have the report read right away and faxed to the oncologist's office.

The oncologist seemed very pleased with the results from the radiographic stereotactic surgery.  Two of the three lesions are completely gone and there is only a small remnant of the largest left.  The BEST news, though, is that there are NO NEW LESIONS!!  Apparently they feel that the remnant is cauterized enough that it will not bleed...we may hear more about that on Tues., but as of now, we are moving forward with the second round of chemo.  Dan has the meds and will begin taking them again on Monday.  We are cleared to return to NY...or go to Yellowstone, if we want, only needing to return for a CT scan in late Oct. (That will be the first real measure of what the chemo is or is not doing)  We are THRILLED!! The oncologist seemed very pleased and surprised with how things are going.  It is better news than anyone in Dan's circumstances has a right to hope for EXCEPT for one who has a literal ARMY of people praying for him!!  Thank you for your prayer support as well as all of the other kinds of support that have been so freely given for us/to us.

While this is hardly evidence of a cure, it is the FIRST good news we have had in many doctors' visits and we are rejoicing!!  I hope you will rejoice  and praise God with us!! It also will allow us to return to NY for our FAVORITE time of year there...Sept., and we might even get in a kayak trip!!   Although we would love to go to Yellowstone, I'm not certain we are up to planning it.  I'm gonna let Dan make the call on that one.

I guess prayer for us, in addition to the ongoing desire to live fully in HIS will, it would be helpful for you to pray for continued minimal side effects from the chemo.  I suspect they might be a bit more intense with the second round.  We are hopeful that the chemo is affecting the cancer cells, limiting growth and maybe even diminishing it.  Better yet, would be that Dan's own body is building up its own defenses against the disease!!

Once again, we must tell you how grateful we are and how humbled we are to be the recipients of so much love and support.  The prayers are definitely felt and treasured.   We hope to return to NY sometime next weekend but have lots of errands to do while in "civilization" as well as wanting to spend as much time as we can with our  children and beautiful grandchildren.

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