Monday, October 20, 2008


Written by Jodee McCabe    
Monday, 20 October 2008 19:00

We are now back home in Wyoming (our suburb of Cincinnati).  We got our first "grandchildren fix" on Thurs. and early Friday morning headed to the oncologist's office for Dan's blood test.  While we were in the office we met with the oncology nurse to discuss the most recent pain development;  a pain in Dan's R flank where the diseased kidney used to be.  Dan was worried it might be pain from the liver but the nurse thought it was muscular b/c of the way it responded to touch.  They will have a little better idea when they get the CT results.  I'm glad to report that in just the last two days, that pain has diminished some.

The purpose of that blood test was to check on Dan's kidney function before giving him contrast material for the CT.  Unfortunately, his kidney function, which was borderline on our last trip home, shows the kidney is not functioning as well now. They will NOT be giving him the contrast for his CT today b/c it puts stress on the kidney.  This means that the CT scan will not be as sharp but we are hoping they will be able to see what they need to see.  I (Jodee) have pretty much decided that from now on, regardless of the kidney function level, we will forego the contrast.  This thinking will need to be discussed with the oncologist on Monday.  The way I'm thinking, there is NO point in stressing the kidney, even if the numbers were in the OK range.  They are not going to do surgery from these results;  they just give us an idea of what is happening with the chemo.  

So this morning we are off to the radiologist's for Dan's CT scan.  It will be a few days until we have any feedback on the CT scan.  It might be Friday or it might be as long as Monday.  

Over the last half of the summer and into fall, we have received so many notices of serious illnesses; from newborns to toddlers to adults to seniors.  We have been inundated with horrible news about the state of our country politically, financially and culturally.  It is overwhelming at times.  I know you all have received many of those requests and share our grave concerns about our country as well and it makes us even more mindful of the commitment you all are making as prayer warriors.  We are joining with you for all of these prayer requests and are so grateful for being added to this long list.

I'll send another update as soon as we hear anything.  Thank you so much (again and again) for the notes, emails, phone calls and especially for the continuing prayer on our behalf. We are so very, very grateful.  

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