Thursday, November 20, 2008


Written by Jodee McCabe    
Thursday, 20 November 2008   6:15 AM

This last week or so has been pretty busy.  Last Friday Dan had a CT scan (yes, another one) and then Monday he had a high definition MRI to prepare for another stereotactic radiographic procedure.

Later this morning, Dan will have that procedure on his brain.  The first one back in July, treated 3 tumors successfully.  Today they will be zapping two small tumors, one on each side.  The docs say these are small enough that Dan doesn't need to be on the anti seizure meds.  We are very relieved about that b/c they made him feel terrible and pretty much killed his appetite.

The mask that was used the first time to stabilize his head just needed some minor adjustments so they did that last Friday and used it to position his head for the CT scan and will be able to reuse it today.

He needs to wait for 8 weeks after this procedure and then have another MRI to check those tumors.  IF they are gone and no other tumors have formed, then he might be able to begin the clinical study for AVASTIN.  In the meantime, he will do one more round of Sutent.  Even though it has not been effective enough, we are hoping that it will still minimize the progression of the disease while we wait to be enrolled in this clinical study.  He will be off the drug for nearly 4 weeks prior to beginning that new study.

His pain has increased somewhat.  It is mostly in his lower back but he also has some in his shoulder and upper back.  He has increased his pain med slightly by taking it in slightly shorter intervals.

Please pray for his own body to begin to figure out how to fight off the disease.  All the chemo drugs can offer is a little more time for that to happen.

Please pray for me as well.  Last night I developed a sudden sore throat.  I'm gonna try to see the doc late this afternoon.

Our first thought is always of healing.  But we know from reading Scripture and from listening to wonderful teaching and from hearing other life stories, that while God often displays His power and glory through healing, there is so much more to learn about Him, and about us,  through these trials.  We don't want to miss any of it.

Thank you to each of you for your continued prayers for us.  It is difficult to explain all that it means to us but as we gather with our family around the Thanksgiving Table, be sure that we will be thinking of each one of you as we thank God for all of His Blessings.

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