Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Thank you all so much for praying!  The last couple of weeks have been "an experience" and we are happy to say that things are improved!

Today is Tuesday and Dan is being released from the hospital this morning.  He has an appointment (made weeks ago) across the parking lot at 11 am so we are pushing to get out of here by then. 

Dr. Crane is pleased with Dan's progress, as are we!  He has been on oral meds for 48 hours now and has been eating well.  NO NAUSEA!  And his thinking is much clearer, which is a relief to both of us!  They will take a month to wean him off if the steroids, which they have been using to fight the swelling in his brain. 

The appointment later this morning is with Dr. Breneman, the oncology radiologist. He will be checking on the tumor on Dan's rib where they did radiation a couple of weeks ago and we will be discussing the swelling from the brain radiation as well.

While no one likes to be in the hospital, we felt his stay here was as comfortable as one could hope for.  The room is private (they all are here) and spacious.  The only noise is from neighboring rooms raising or lowering their window shades or from the electronic machines in the room such as his automatically adjusting mattress and the IV regulator.  The wall of windows to the outside makes the room seem even larger.

The hospital is located in  a large commercial area which made getting food/coffee for me easier and helped me more easily augment the hospital meals for Dan......anything to encourage his eating!  

The staff has been pleasant and attentive and we are so grateful for so many blessings in the midst of this hard time!  Emails, phone calls, cards, flowers, dog sitting,  food and visits from so many friends....and prayers untold!  

The plan is to try to keep him "balanced" with his meds now for the rest of this week and then restart his chemo on Monday.  I am hoping the chemo had nothing to do with all of the nausea and that the reintroduction will happen seamlessly.

So.....thank you all for your loving support and please continue to pray for us as we adjust to managing it all at home, especially that we would REMEMBER that God is our Fortress and our Comfort and all is in His faithful and GOOD hands!  

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  1. Praising the Lord this morning for Dan's progress report! Praying that the chemo will help, not hinder!